Friday, October 19, 2007

Movie Night Ensemble

When we lived in Florida we used to do a lot more "social" things. We would go to more plays and clubs, etc., but since we've moved, we've been too busy. Also, there is not as much to do in our smaller area, which we are still getting used to. Not that we mind, but we like to go out with friends as much as we can.

So you have to make your own fun.

This year we started doing a "Movie Night" once a month. But not your everyday come-on-over-put-in-a-DVD-and-we'll-pop-some-popcorn Movie Night. We're talking MOVIE NIGHT -

We have a pretty big backyard and we put up a 12-foot screen and play movies for as many people that want to come on over. It's totally awesome!

What I love about it is that we have a ton of friends over, it's really casual and easy to prep for, plus I don't have to clean the house. I don't get to get dressed up but I do think about what I'm wearing.

I wear, my jeans, a graphic tee from Old Navy, yard shoes (sneakers or boots), a scarf (since it's chilly now), blankies and, if we have the time, accessories with a bonfire and s'mores!

This movie night I'm wearing my No Hunting tee from Old Navy. A little political announcement before the festivities.

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