Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The one that got away

If you don't believe that a pair of shoes can inspire endless longing, faithful love and ceaseless regret, you just have to look at this pair of heels to get an insight into my soul.

These Viktor & Rolf glitter heels were from Spring/Summer 2004. Like a blurred photo of an old love this image doesn't capture the true beauty of these heels but is just a whisper of how amazing they are.

They actually had these for sale at Net-a-Porter but they didn't offer them smaller than a 36, so I didn't risk it. Oh, how I regret that decision.

Candy apple red glitter, slight internal platform with a curvaceous heel, accented with ruched red leather tied in a knot - severe to temper the excessiveness.

They still haunt me. Sigh.

UPDATED: Here is a better image of these lovelies

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