Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SD Review: Flojos Flip Flop Sandals

A while back I was contacted by the lovely folks at Flojos and asked if wanted to try out some of their sandals. I'm always looking to try things out so I can give a first hand impression, so I gratefully accepted their kind offer.

Flojos, located in Thousand Oaks, CA, have been around since 1979 and have a HUGE selection of styles for women, men and kids. I told them to surprise me with the styles they sent.

When I opened the package I found a pair of the Zebras in pink and a pair of the Edens in silver/white "snakeskin". The Zebras have a flat padded sole, a bit of arch support and a cushy rolled thin strap.

The Edens have a slight wedge to them and the strap is flatter.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a huge flip flop wearer. In spite of growing up in Florida (one of the official flip flop/sandal states) I never wore the style a lot.

Now this may have been because as a child I wore a pair while riding a bike and happened to get my foot caught on the pedal, knock myself over and scrape up the top of my foot (let that be a lesson to you kids, wear protective shoes while riding a bike). My other theory is that I find this style of shoe to be very casual. And while they go perfectly for a beachy lifestyle, I think they should not be worn to work, the mall etc., like many people do today.

Flip flops are ideal for the summer. Of course, I also tend to get mauled by mosquitoes during the summer so I don't wear these in the yard either.

All that said, I like them! I have found the Zebras to be very comfy and I have been wearing them around the house quite a bit. The pink/black combo is bold and a lot of fun.

The Edens, which are a bit more subdued, have become my yoga sandals. They're sleek with a bit of shine to them. Calmer and more upscale.

Both sandals have held up well from a wear and tear standpoint, in terms of comfort and even keeping clean.

There are lots of styles, colors, patterns and prices, so make sure to check them out!



Intrinsically Florrie said...

I'm not much of a flip flop person either, but for appropriate occasions those pink zebra ones are HOT!

Florrie x

WendyB said...

Ugh ...I could FEEL the pain from your description of your childhood accident.

Lilee said...

wow love the print! i actually love everything zebra print hah. :)

Roxy sadals uk said...

wow amazing collection of the flip flap and i just like to buy the black one.....

oneill sandals said...

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