Thursday, September 24, 2009

Featured Shoe: Louboutin Bella Brown

I was surprised when I was doing my outfit post the other day that the shoes I referenced were not anywhere to be found on Polyvore or the web.

They're so cute, I can't imagine why they are so "secret"!

I got these "Bella Brown" Louboutins in May after falling in love with their color, snub toes and pink ribbons. They're like less costume-y ballerina shoes.

One of my favorite details is how ribbon wraps up the back of the heel too.

Now I will be the #1 search for Bella Brown Louboutins on the web. I got these in person at Saks but haven't seen them for sale anywhere else.
It's quite a mystery....


The Mighty J said...

Maybe its just one of a kind - like you lol

Intrinsically Florrie said...

They are so lovely!!
I have some Louboutin espadrilles with a similar ribbon, but it doesn't wrap up the back of the heel (well it is a wedge!) like your beautiful ones.
They're really gorgeous, lucky girl.

Florrie x

WendyB said...

SO adorable! Makes me think of Lara Flynn Boyle in her red-carpet ballerina costume, but in a good way. And hey, I always approved of her going there.