Friday, May 9, 2008

What's the Buzz About?

These are another one of my favorite pairs of shoes, Buzz from Jimmy Choo. I was in luv with these from the moment I saw them. I got them the same time as I got the Thunder pair. I just couldn't decide between them.

My favorite part is the corset-like lacing on the toe. I find them to be terribly sexy and, even if I wear them with all black, they add quite a punch.

They're good for peeking out of the bottom of jeans but I like to wear them mostly for work because the shape is so sharp.

And, hello!, check out that heel. Gorgeous and perfect! One of my favorite shapes.

I like it when Choo sticks to their classic heels. They do them so well and this heel shape looks especially good on some of their boots too.

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