Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Not that this is a good admission, but sometimes when I get downtime in meetings I like to plan outfit options. Since this "down time" happens fairly regularly I have a whole bunch of outfit options planned out on paper. This isn't that innovative but it was on the list, mainly because I haven't worn this skirt or these shoes in a while.

I love this skirt. It is a faux bois or wood print skirt from Mizrahi for Target. This was when Isaac was designing quirky whimsical items that were not priced way over all the other stuff in the store. This and the big peony skirt are two of my favorites.

I paired this with a royal purple cardigan as a top. I like pairing these two colors together. They just seem to contrast well.

The accessories I wore one of my new Moo Stickers (just for fun) and this wood bead bracelet from Target. You can barely see it but I'm wearing this really dark plum nail polish which said it was black. I think it may be a bit too dark but I'm testing it out.

The heels I'm wearing are ones that I have not worn in ages. About 8 or so years ago I was searching high and low for a pair of camel heel. Finally I found a pair I liked at Nine West and had to then search all over for my size. I was happy they were Nine West since that brand fits me so well.

They may be a little pointy but I've certainly worn the heck out of them.

Well worth their very reasonable price.

Yesterday's outfit was okay. I had a whole thing planned which focused around a pencil skirt I just got from Old Navy. But when I went to unzip it to put it on the zipper completely came apart. The teeth split and then the whole thing came un-sewn from the fabric! What the heck?!? So I have to take that back now. But since my whole outfit plan fell apart I just grabbed some stuff from the closet - a simple khaki linen skirt and a khaki-toned knit top.

I wanted to wear a darker top to play up the stripe-y stockings I was wearing. I had paired these with my new Manolos from my New York trip that I'm finally wearing.

Cute, huh? I will be wearing these a lot this fall. Maybe even mix it up with some bright tights.

Oooh! I just remembered this skirt these would go great with, especially if I find some lavender tights. Need to put those on my shopping list.


cybill said...

I love that wood skirt! You totally got it right pairing it with the royal purple - great outfit.

Shoegal said...

I simply LOVE those stockings with these cute Manolos! They look so elegant!

WendyB said...

Great stockings!

that girl ? said...

OMG...have just been catching up on the last few days of your blog and came across these beautiful Manolo's! Love, Love LOVE!! When I complete my holy shoe trinity... these will be just the kind I'm after! great stockings too! And you got interviewed by a paper... how cool is that?!? the path to fame is paved with many fashionable shoes! x