Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Favorites: Rich Details

A few weeks ago I went through something like 700 images and, of course found a ton of amazing pieces that I just fell in love with. There's far too many to put in one post so I'm going to have to group them and space them out.

The first group are what I'm calling the "Rich Details" group.

Obviously embellishments of all sorts are being integrated into the design of all levels of fashion and almost every garment type being made. I think this is why we are seeing a comeback of items like hats, fascinators and gloves. There is a desire for rich, interesting details and unique elegance.

The most obvious is the use of lace by Prada. I love the colors of the clothing pieces, especially the orange but I love the creamy lace on their bags.

There are ruffles, ruffles everywhere I look. Bruno Frisoni did an amazing job incorporating satin ruffles into modern designed shoes. I love the contrast of modern and old world in these Bruno Frisoni Mesh Peep-toe Ruffle pumps.

The banding design of the ruffle-edged straps on this Bruno Frisoni taffeta sandal reminds me of the collars from Marie
Antoinette. More blue to love.

I think this sandal is so unusual. You'd have to have an equally rich yet somewhat restrained dress to go with these. The straps are so different. Of course I'd want to wear them all the time. What about some skinny black jeans or latex leggings?

I just love how a wide ankle tie can call attention to a small ankle. I find it very sexy. Bruno Frisoni is continuing to do it right with this sandal.

These Valentino booties are sugary sweet but the suede is totally sumptuous and which I think helps to toughen them up just the smallest bit. I'm sure they were meant to be paired with a couture gown but they need far more time out and about than that. Maybe placed on my desk?

I'd wear these with jeans cropped just above them and then a big poofy-sleeved top with a loopy tie or a long coat.

These last two are more restrained but the material they are made with seems so textured.

I love the wool tweed of these Manolo Blahnik pumps. And the coral leather and white accents make them perfect for transitioning into fall while still keeping a bit of the late summer sparkle.

I like when Stella McCartney sticks with satins and velvet. Her stuff still seems a bit over-priced but at least she gets great colors. I can't get over all the blues. And I can't seem to resist them.

These look like total party shoes to me. They would have been great for the Costume Institute Superhero gala.

There are more selects to follow. One thing they all have in common is that they certainly are not plain. But my theory is, if you are going to spend the money, you should get something that stands out. Something that will make people stop, look and admire.


Sal said...

Great picks - I'm especially drawn to the first pair of peep-toe ruffle pumps. Nice subdued colors to offset the frou-frou of the frill!

Say, any chance I could hop on your blogroll? I'm an avid reader and fairly frequent commenter, and you've been in my blogroll for ages, for what it's worth ... I'd be super grateful!

lady coveted said...

oh my, i soo want ruffle feet!

painter girl said...

Hey Miss Poochie,
Love the shoes they are to die for. My favs are the blue ones with the wide ankle. Oh.....when we win the lottery..
Love the purse too.
I'll have to show you an old Irish Crochet pattern for an opera bag.

WendyB said...

Those are shoes to die for.