Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ensemble du Jour

Today I was sweet in my blue and white dress, Pretty Good Things deer headband, F21 studded belt and Nine West heeled oxfords (Hey! Those shoes have the same stud detail, imagine!)

9-15-09 by Princess Poochie featuring Forever21 accessories

But tomorrow... no more Nice Girl!

I got my Wendy Brandes for francis Swear Rings and I'm gonna use 'em!

9-15-09 by Princess Poochie featuring Isaac Mizrahi

These rings are so awesome. Silver, large and shiny! You will get your point across with these.

And since I'm feeling sort of ass-kickish, I'm going to wear my new Aldo platform heels.

I had ordered these because I liked the look of the turned up toe detail. I didn't realize how TALL these suckers are. We are talking a good 6 inches tall. They are cah-razy!

So, I'm going to wear them with some very noticeable black lace tights or maybe my new tattoo tights. Not sure but we're going for intimidation here. Subtlety be dammed!

If I don't break my ankle by the end of the day, I'll be surprised but I will also try to make sure to take pics of these babies in action along with my foul-mouthed jewelry.


Michelle said...

That outfit is going to be hot! You better take pictures!

WendyB said...

Oh, hell yeah! Those shoes are fierce and perfect for the rings. TAKE NO PRISONERS, POOCHIE!

Katie said...

i vote for tattoo tights! get down with your bad ass self, princess poochie!

Kaylyn said...

Those rings are so cool! I want them too. And those shoes are so amazing! I can't wait to see you in them. You will take pics wont you? :)

kristophine said...

Am I wrong, or is that a new icon? And if so, what, what, what are those beautiful red teacup shoes?