Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Designer Focus: Have Fun With It and Kobi Levi

You may have thought the no-heel or reverse-heel shoes were strange, unusual and probably a challenge to walk on but Kobi Levi takes his designs to a new level.  I love the idea that he sees shoes as art and that his designs are "alive" even without the foot.

"Double Boots"
 Some of his designs are a bit naughty but they are all interesting.


"Market Trolly"

"Rocking Chair"



These last two are my favorites.  Go check out the paw pad soles.

  And I would wear the heck out of these. The "chewing gum" heel is genius.

 This is what I want to see  - unique, fun designs.  Not copycats.  Sure, some of these are out there but that's a good thing.  Why be boring?

Go to his site or below to see all of his designs and more pics of each.

Thanks to DesignBoom and Fashionista for sharing!


WendyB said...

The gum is hilarious but I would want the tongue!

lisa said...

The Miao shoes are genius!