Monday, October 4, 2010

Project Time: Grosgrain and Chain Necklace

In the spirit of P.S. I Made This, I saw this cute little neckace from Ann Taylor and thought it would be fun to make my own version.  I don't do a lot of jewelry making but I loved the pink ribbon combined with the gold and the crystal drops.

So off I went to Michaels for supplies.  I decided to do two versions, one in silver and one in a gold.  I would say I felt a bit limited in terms of chain and crystal options, not having exactly what I hoped for, but I found some pretty good options.   I didn't take a lot of supplies - 1 package of chain each, the crystals, 1 spool of pink grosgrain ribbon and jump rings and clasps (enough for more projects too)

I ended up using 24 inches of chain each because they get compressed when you thread through the ribbon, losing about 4 - 6 inches.  I wanted the crystals to hang down so this length worked out perfectly.

I used little briolets for the gold version.  I may go back to get more so I can continue them up, more like the inspiraiton piece.

For the silver, there were two sizes of the crystals in the packet so I took advantage of that to creat a more dangly piece.

All in all I spent about $50, including for the clippers, to make two necklaces with material to spare.  As P.S. I Made This says - I saw it, I liked it, I made it!


fashion junkie said...

Amazing DIY!!! I'm a big DIY person myself, and you did a fabulous job on this necklace! I'm new to your blog,and it's lovely. Hope you come check out my blog.


Anonymous said...

So, you made a knock-off?

Poochie said...

Anon - lol!

Well, I'm not selling it, so no. But it doesn't look nearly as good, so maybe.

In all serious, I have no problem, personally, if people choose to make their own versions of designer goods. I think that is a part of the inspiraiton of fashion.

What I DO have a problem with is when a COMPANY takes the design and inspriation of another company or person and makes a product and sells it for profit. These knock-off companies are in business and should invest in creating and unique designs. If their whole strategy is to see an original design and rip it off with cheaper materials then I think that stinks.

If I started selling these and had marketing copy and images that alluded to the original then, yes, I would be in the wrong.