Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Reader Poll: Cute vs Pretty

Reader Question:

When you are describing something you really like, either in a store or that someone is wearing, etc., do you say it is "Cute" or "Pretty"?


Misty2k said...

I'd go with Cute over Pretty most times. I'm too tall to carry off "pretty" things, but will venture into "cute" to augment my intended bold, striking stance.

Eva said...

I would never use cute. Cute is overused for anything but kittens and puppies. I would use "sharp" and occasionally "pretty."

Bronwyn said...

Neither if it were for me. I don't do cute or pretty. Cool or gorgeous or stunning.
Pretty or cute in equal proportions for something for my granddaughters, who are five and two.

Beryl said...

It depends on what I'm describing! I rarely use the word Pretty, though. I'll use Cute if the situation merits. :P