Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taking Stock

I usually need to get a few cardigans and sweaters each Fall.  I end am able to hold them over for a few years but I wear them a lot and they tend to get worn out.  I usually go to Target for some basics in solid colors and then JCrew for nicer v-necks. 

But this year, I'm not shopping at Target.

I stopped spending my money there when they stopped supporting people's rights by funding anti-LGBT rights politicians.   Now I don't support them.

So I've spent my money elsewhere.   I am looking for more more independent sources but also bought a few items at Gap. 

I'm finally getting to wear my olive green items (outfit post to follow).  I found a great olive sequined top that I wore under my jacket from YOOX and this cardigan is going to be the lighter version of that.  Plus, it's a great green to pair up with all sorts of colors.

V-neck sweaters are what I wear all winter long.  I got this in charcoal, purple, navy and tomato red.

Cowlneck is my second favorite neckline.  I'm sticking pretty close to my palette of greys and blacks but I like the fun stripe too.

I was smitten by these stripes, especially the black and white one.  Usually I buy argyle but I think I OD'd on argyle so I'm backing away this year.   These are especially comfy as I'm wearing the navy/red one right now with a denim skirt, navy tights and lace-up mid-calf boots.

I searched out a good promo code online so I got all of these for a pretty big discount.

How do you stock up for Fall? 

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Lara said...

Love your picks, especially that striped cowl neck! I go through deep V tees and layering tanks like crazy so I grab them whenever I see them on sale. I am getting so sick of how cotton jersey wears though. My Gap Pima cotton white tee I bought over a year ago has outlasted a half-dozen Mossimo tees from Target.