Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still Stuck on Spikes

I can't stop thinking about spikes.  The more extreme the better.  And yes, I would totally wear these in my daily life.  I think people want a bit of fear with fashion.  I get more compliments and comments when I wear my spike-y Freddy Louboutin oxfords than any other shoe... imagine the reaction to these amazing pumps by Barbara Gongini, creator of the bARBARA í gONGINI line.

You have to love the Scandinavian designers.  They have amazing vision. 

I probably wouldn't impale myself on these.. they spikes are rubber.  What's even more interesting is the note that goes with them: "as part of the barbara gongini aesthetic, the paint on these shoes will crack with wear".  I wonder if they become even more distressed and industrial and apocalyptic as time goes on.

Barbara Gongini Spiked Pumps - $398 at I Don't Like Mondays

View the bARBARA í gONGINI collections


PipsyPops said...

those are effing awesome! I'd totally get them if I wasn't poor!

Penny Dreadful said...

I probably shouldn't like these, but they are marvellous. Would love to wear a pair into the office!

Miss Tan Designs said...

Those shoes are killer!