Friday, November 12, 2010

Bountiful Bows

I am in the middle of a big yet very small project that involves shopping for the perfect chair.  And when I stumbled upon this bow-filled Starck Mademoiselle chair for Maison Moschino hotel and Kartell, I was smitten. 

And while I track that down, as it is perfect for what I'm planning, I've also had my attention captured by the adorable Moschino-Kartell bow flats. 

I've been wearing flats more and more, and these are delightful.  The "BowWow" flats are made of interwoven plastic and the colors are stunning.  I love the peach, the hot pink and the two-tone black and white.  The jaunty, offset bow ups the adorability factor.
These cute flats will be available for $119 in the Moschino boutique and on the Kartell site.

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