Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kickstarting the Clock

I think the Kickstarter idea is a great one.  It's helping to truly innovate how products are funded and brought to market.  It could be a whole new revolution in the manufacturing industry.  But what I love is getting to learn about and actually help launch a cool new product.

Stacy Lomman's fashion line launch was one example and now I'm excited for this one too.  Check out the new watch adaptors for the Nano - TikTok and LunaTik.

Created by the same design firm that did the Xbox Kinect, these watchbands are the epitome of cool.  The TikTok is the simple snap-in version.

And LunaTik is the machined surround version. 

What I'm excited about (and obviously so are thousands of others given their overwhelming response to the project) is the combining of two pieces to create a whole new innovation. It's the Dick Tracy video communicator watch of our dreams!

If you want to support/pre-order your watch, get there before December 16th.

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Mallory said...

My friends where talking about that same Kickstarter campaign recently on Facebook I think. I think it's such a cool way of testing products - obviously this watch concept is a great one considering how wildly they've exceeded their initial goal already, with still 15 days left to go!