Monday, November 1, 2010

Disney Dreams

Once I left working for Disney, I pretty much stopped buying any Disney paraphernalia.  I have enough princesses and pixie dust to tide me over for the next decade.  But I do admit to being more than a little tempted by the nOir Jewelry collaboration for the 50th Anniversary of Fantasia.

I especially love that they focused a number of pieces on the Rites of Spring scenes...

Scene 1: Genesis

I love the dinosaur bone cuffs.

Although I do have quite a fondness for the Nutcracker scenes. Dancing mushrooms. Fairies and snowflakes...

But really, who can resist the dancing hippos in Dance of the Hours?  I may have gone as a dancing hippo for Halloween one year.

And I've always thought the Pastoral scenes were the prettiest.

I do wish they had done something devilish for Night on Bald Mountain (I love saying the name Mussorgsky!)

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PipsyPops said...

the snowflakes necklace and unicorn ring are GORGEOUS!