Monday, November 15, 2010

Here There Be Dragons

We're still getting over the dread illness in our house so I've been beyond boring.  Here are some random musings to tide you over:

1. Outlet shopping is the worst.  EVER.  Never take me to an outlet store again.  The only thing worse?  Going to a brand new outlet mall when you have 10,000 people all trying to go on the first day too.

2. I'm wearing my office back-up flats more than any other shoe.  I've clearly thrown in the towel and fallen off of the sartorial map.

3. Mattress dust mite facts are scaring the crap out of me.   I think we need a new mattress now. OMG.

4. Paying for car tires (instead of shoes) really stinks.

5. People are very unobservant.   People that I see every day still ask if I've changed my hair.  You'd think going from red to black would be noticeable?

I need a nap.  These antibiotics are killing me.



jennine said...

get better soon!

WendyB said...

There be dragons on my blog today.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hello Poochie,

In my family there are cases of allergies so the doctor always recommended us to mix half of pine lysol and half of water in a bottle and everytime we change the sheets we should pass the mixture on the matress that way it will kill the dust mites.


Virginia said...

Did you go to the outlets in Mebane???? That's my hometown!

Midtown Girl said...

Girl, I am on antibiotics too and they are making me super tired!! I hope you feel better doll and totes say NO to outlet shopping LOL!