Saturday, November 6, 2010


So I finally did it.

I've been talking and thinking about coloring my hair super dark - as close to black as possible - for ages.  I've loved my red hair but all of a sudden I felt ready to take the plunge.  I have a great colorist and if I really want to find a way back to the red I think I can.  But lately I've just felt it was too much.  I like to wear color so I was wondering if it was just to great of a contrast.

I had my appointment today and I said "Yes!  Let's change it!"and we picked out a good dark dark brown with no red, caramel, or blond undertones - just a straight espresso - and went with it. It's actually even darker than I expected but I already love it.

So here's a few quick phone shots.  The color in the room isn't that great and I've been sick for a week so I feel like hell, but there you go.

The red has suited me and, because it goes well with my pink and pasty Irish skin, it's been easy to stick with.  People always think it's my natural color, which is great.  But hey, it's not.  I was actually light blonde until I was around three and my natural color is a light-medium brown.  Why not try the other end of the spectrum!

What I'm excited about is seeing it in the day light and then pairing it up with a new color palette.   I've always worn these colors to some degree but I think they are going to look completely new.  I love blacks, charcoals, greys and that woody brown but dark jewel tones like navy, forest green, red, fuchsia and purple are going to stay in the closet too.  On the cool end will be cobalt to ice blues, pale pinks and lavenders.

Once I'm feeling better, I'll take some better pics.

Are you making any big changes for the season?


Anonymous said...

it really suits you!

WendyB said...

Bold move!

ashe mischief said...

Yay, so exciting! That's the nice thing about hair color... it's never permanent! It's going to be really nice to see how different colors look on you now...

Anna at ShoeHunting said...

Congrats, it looks gorgeous! I have the same coloring as you, and my natural color is a dirty dark blonde, skin pale and reddish. I've been dying my hair a lighter blonde with red highlights but I'm going to follow your lead and go darker this season!