Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ensemble du Jour: 11-16-10

Hey look!  I'm feeling better so I actually took a picture with my face it in.  Oh, yeah.  hello new hair!

I just used my camera phone so I didn't get a shot of the full outfit, but basically I've been wearing my new Gap black pants like every other day, so whatevs.

The cardigan is a Merona one with a black cami underneath.  The pants, as I mentioned were Gap and the necklaces are both from JCrew. For shoes, I wore my YSL Tribute peep-toes.

But the scarf was the focal point.  I received this pretty thing in the mail yesterday and wanted to wear it right away.   Admittedly I was a bit nervous about it when I first opened the package and felt it.  The maker is Fraas and they had called this new "Cashmink" link.  I typically would not promote cashmere or fur of any kind but then I read further to see that this was made of a new exclusive acrylic that is 20% finer than cashmere.  This scarf is amazingly soft and warm. And the color is very vibrant.

I am a big scarf fan. I think have at least 15 - 20 in various colors and levels of casual to fancy.  I have a bunch of solids that I wear when traveling.  I have the ones I keep in my coat to match my coat.  I have fun knitted ones that are super long.  I love this purple plaid but after being seduced by it's snuggly-softness I think I want more.  Fraas has lots of solid colors (maybe the light pink and the ivory) but I love the other plaids and patterns too. 

There less than $30, so you'll probably be seeing me wearing more of these around.


WendyB said...

Good to see you're up and about.

Eli said...

I have the same shoes but with a platform, I'm in absolute love with them! When I moved recently I thought I had lost one and was terrified, for some reason my bf had shoved it into the back of his closet. He gave me a heart attack!