Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking for Love

Sometimes, new hair means you need new clothes right?

Not that I "need" a lot of stuff but I did have a vision.  I wanted/needed three specific things that felt were missing in my closet.  I wanted 1. a black velvet blazer, 2. a black knit blazer and 3. black straight leg pants.

So I had a mission and I figured that between my local stores, I'd find something.  But isn't it totally frustrating when you can't find what you want?  I went to JCrew, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Black Market, and even into Brooks Brothers.  Nothing.

I decided to wander around Anthropologie just to see what they might have and after looking for a while and trying a bunch of stuff on, I didn't find anything.  But just as I was walking out, I spied a black jacket on the back of a rack. It wasn't plush as velvet but is more like a fine-wale cord.  But it does have neat top-stitching and bonus: patch pockets! Daughters of the Liberation Tulip Curtsy Blazer - $118

I wanted a black knit jacket too.  Something that had some structure but was really soft and comfortable.  I could still look nice but not be boxed in.  I had given up on this as well, as I found it after I tried on some other thing but the Gap didn't fail me.  When I saw that this was knit but with satin Tuxedo lapels, I knew it was perfect.  Gap Tuxedo Blazer - $69.50

But what I had really gone to Gap for was black pants.   I'm not a huge wearer of pants and jeans but I usually do okay getting them there.   Gap has a whole range of styles out including these straight leg ones.   What is great, at least for me, is that they have the three lengths as well.  The ankle length is usually what I get (yes, I'm that short) as they fit me with a bit of length for heels. I may go back for the cropped style too. Gap True Straight Pants - $49.50

As frustrating as not finding what you want, it's that great when you find exactly what you want!  Any successful shopping excursions for you lately?


Ashe Mischief said...

Oh, that Gap tuxedo coat is really something great. I love how casual it is, but still has that hint of a little bit dressy..

WendyB said...

Time for new makeup too, no?