Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's Bring Back

I am a very big fan of purchasing vintage.  Yes, clothes.  Of course, shoes, gloves, jewelry, hats and purses, but I like to incorporate vintage items with some history in all aspects of life.  Not only is my house vintage (112 years old!) but adding little emblems of more gracious times is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. 

Everything today is nondescript and disposable.  A bit of vintage can make things seem more real.  So I was thrilled and instantly smitten by Mrs. Lesley M. M. Blume and her "Let's Bring Back" beliefs. She even has a new book under the same title that is noted as "An Encyclopedia of Forgotten-Yet-Delightful, Chic, Useful, Curious, and Otherwise Commendable Things from Times Gone By"

You can see a sampling of the things that she recommends "bringing back" in the slide show here.   Personally, I was happy to see, that for me, many of these things never left. I always hand write a thank you note and I use a fountain pen every day (a pink barreled Verona with pink ink, thank you very much!).  I love lockets, carry a handkerchief and a jeweled compact and think that a good hotel lobby is the best.

Here are my two Bring Back suggestions for today.  First, the pill case.  Not a plastic day-of-the-week case.  Not an old prescription bottle. Not a wad of tinfoil. Put your vitamins or Aleve in a small jeweled case and slip it in your bag. Much more discrete and a bit classier.

And cameos.  Cameos are so delicate and lovely.  Some, like mine, can be a brooch or a necklace pendant. I love the peach and creme ones the best and they go perfectly with every season - warm browns for fall and ethereal whites in the spring.

You can buy the Let's Bring Back book on Amazon.

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Lesley also has a Twitter, so be sure to follow her as well.

Now I'm off to book a stay at one of the loveliest hotels I know, which has an amazing lobby by the way, The Grove Park Inn.


landel said...

Such a great collection!!! I just absolutely adore that necklace pendant.

PipsyPops said...

ah, the wonders of a fountain pen are completely wasted on a leftie like me. Since we write pushing the pen rather than dragging it, it makes a horrible mess T T
Or are there any techniques I'm unaware of?
Anyway, I defend brunch but I would love to see more red lipstick and better posture. And hair that does not look so processed and lusterless...