Monday, November 1, 2010

Sick and Dogs

I dropped off the face of the earth mid-day on Friday. We found a beagle sitting in the middle of our busy street and spent the next day and half taking care of him and getting him to a rescue group we work with.   I know they will take good care of him but I was still very sad to take him to the place.

That evening I started to develop a bad sore throat (I blame all the hacking kids at our company Halloween party) and spent the whole of Sunday on the couch. I looked and felt truly frightening by the end of the day.

But now I'm scraping myself up to get back at it.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!


SMC said...

I don't know.... who could abandon a beagle? They are just about the most guileless dog ever invented.

PipsyPops said...

maybe he just got lost
I hope he comes home or finds a loving family
Thank you for taking care of him, it means a lot to me to know that there are people who care =D