Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Patterns and Scale - Dior Spring Couture 2008

I wish that I had more time to immerse myself in all of the runway shows, especially Couture, because they level of fantasy and excess are best displayed there. And while I hope that more of that attention to detail will translate over to real life, I know that much of it can only live well when it is just "a dream".

In Galliano's Spring 2008 show for Dior, I was just swept away but what he presented. I loved the use of over-scaled patterns and silhouettes. You could see the very open and fresh-faced 60's mod influences, especially in the jewelry but you also see the intrigue and glamour (influenced by a favorite of mine - the Madame X Sargent painting) in the make-up (made especially sultry in the non-organic embellishments), and the nods to Klimt in much of the pieces' embellishments.

It was interesting that the tempered the excess of the clothes with a simple wardrobe of shoes. Yes, they, in and of themselves, are excessive but in using the same style (only varied in color and material) he kept the focus firmly on the clothes and helped to ground the variety of shapes, patterns and textures.

As the Manolo has said before, we are passing the zenith of this style of shoe. Especially when, you see a high-concept shoe on a couture runway concurrent with equally outlandish styles available for anyone to buy. Not just high-end, although they are there, but modified to a mass-market level.

Here are some examples all available now:

Guiseppe Zanotti at Piperlime - $750

Kors Michael Kors at Saks - $230

Nine West Taildrop - $79

Check out more of the show and detail shots on

Photo montage - Catwalk Queen & Shiny Style


WendyB said...

Good grief! I have to check this blog more often. I am normally keeping an eye on your jewelry blog for obvious reasons but all the action is happening here! I had a cut-out wedges post all set to go before I got blog-freeze. I am just going to point that here instead. Now I've got to catch up on all the posts.

Poochie said...

That would be lovely Wendy! Any latex legging questions I get go straight to you!


Pret a Porter P said...

i saw a pair with the "donut" hole very similar to the jil sander's a while back ago, im kicking myself for not getting them when i saw them.