Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blogger Inspiration: Jane from Sea of Shoes

I'm not afraid to say it... when I see someone with great style, no matter her (or his) age, I like to break down what exactly it is that I like, what I can expand on and what can help me to stretch stylistically.

Jane of Sea of Shoes has a great sense of style and a great way of creating unique outfits from vintage and eBay finds as well as a healthy dose of amazing designer pieces. And I'm sure it doesn't hurt that she's lovely and has an extensive wardrobe of high-end shoes and clothes.

One of my favorite style of shoes that she wears are peep-toe boots, like these gorgeous Prada ones. This is definitely a style that is outside of my typical comfort zone but the more I've seen if the more I like it. Jane has done a great job styling hers, both casually with jeans and dressier.

What I liked about the Prada pair is their height, the way they lace up and the wider peep-toe opening. I searched around for a while and found these great boots from Jeffrey Campbell. I got them on sale at Urban Outfitters.

I just got them so I've only had time to take a few quick shots.

Now I need to come up with some outfits to wear them with!


WendyB said...

Those are nice on you...I'm jealous!

Milly said...

i agree her style is your new shoes...will have to check the UO site for them..enjoy them

camille0528 said...

Her blog is terrific, and Jane has a very good eye for what to put together with what. Very inspiring...I wish I had a fraction of her wonderful shoes, especially the Demeulemeester lace up high heel boots...sigh.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks all!

She does have great stuff. I love those Ann D. boots too. I have the flat version. The heeled version didn't come in my size. I was bummed.



Find the clothes to fit the shoes, I love the idea. They're terrific.