Thursday, November 20, 2008


If you have any familiarity or love for Sex and The City, you probably were aware of this shoe from the movie. It was everywhere last fall and is still selling online.

And if you saw the movie, you couldn't help but see it because Patricia Field had it in every other scene it seemed like.

Pat likes to bring the SATC style to the masses by selling similar pieces in her store (arglye thigh-highs, check!, giant flower pin, check!, floaty dresses and half-gloves, check!) but she is also doing this with her line for Payless it seems.

I was on looking to see if there were any cute rainboots and stumbled upon this:

This can't be anything but a dumbed down version of the Dior sandal. Yes, I know we can't all shell out almost $800 bucks for the original. And I can't say this is some one interpreting a trend or even aware of the trend. We KNOW Pat is aware of this shoe. I hope she got some sort of approval becauase this is just doing a bad rip-off.

And it doesn't need to be this way, even if it is made for payless. I call it a dumbed down version because the color is bad, the heel is unecessarily thick, the platform is just too chunky.

Maybe these are the things she had to do to keep from getting sued but Dior but I still think it is close enough for that.
Personally, I think they should just not have bothered. These took away all of the design elements that made the original a tough but sexy sandal (although not a style I could pull off well) and made it tacky.

What are your thoughts?


Ashe Mischief said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the Patricia Field shoe. And thought, "If I'm going to buy a designer imposter," (which for those I would) "I would buy the Baker's or even the Steve Madden's before I bought those awful things."

She took away the beauty that was the tough and dainty and just made them clunky and gross.

Nikki said...

My thoughts? This shoe is just plain ugly. I agree with everything you said. The color is horrid. The heel? Yuck. Reminds me of something I wore in high school though...

Nevertheless, the shoe is ugly. I hope it's just the photo.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked that the straps were a little more delicate and the color not so severe in the payless version...


I totally agree with you. Why bother to make such an ugly copy.