Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paillettes Please

While the styles that come out for the Fall collections are usually my favorites, I have a special fondness for Resort. And continuing with my love of the great work coming out of Prada & Miu Miu, I have to say some of their Resort pieces are just stunning.

No doubt much of this adoration is due to the materials they are using to such great effect... especially paillettes.

Now I know paillettes are just sequins by a fancier name, but I'm still a sucker. Not that I'm not entranced when they're called plain old sequins. I guess there is a bit of the magpie in me (right now I am currently trying to resist sequined Chuck Taylors and a sequined hoodie... Must. Hold. Out.)

I love these peep-toe heels from Prada. A lot.

The shape is amazing, especially the heel and the color, a warm bronze-y degradé taupe would glow.

I love that the size of the paillettes change from the larger ones on the body of the shoe to the petite ones on the heel. And the overlapping discs look almost like snakeskin.

Green and charcoal together is a great combination and they look amazing on this clutch, also from Prada. Its a good size so, not only could you wear it for evening but I think it would be an unexpected element during the day. That might be hard to pull off but I like to wear my fancy stuff all the time and not just wait for going out or a "special occasion"

But right now I am totally smitten with these platform peep-toes from Miu Miu. I mean look at them, they're a-dor-a-ble! I love them! The colors are amazing. I saw another version of these from the collection and the variation in the size of the sequins is done so well, so artistically. They are just very smart and special.

I have to own up to being a bit "sold" by the feeling conjured by the word "paillettes". Of course the material is magical with their shiny candy colors. The style of the shoes and bag are not that unique but I've always liked a classic shape done in unique ways.


WendyB said...

The Prada shoes are my faves.


The peep-toe heels are stunning. Well there is a magpie in me too, love sequins and the glitz!

Donkey said...

I'm totally into the clutch!

littlemissme said...

My boyfriend calls me "Magpie" from time to time, as I can always be distracted by something shiny. Sequined Chucks sound amazing, I'm going to have to advise you NOT to resist.