Saturday, November 8, 2008

Find Me on Facebook...and 4 More Things

I've been having to get all introspective over here.

Dear Reader Robo tagged me with the task of revealing "4 things" about me, so here we go -

4 Things I Did Today:
  1. Let the chickens out to play in the yard
  2. Watched the feel good movie of the year, Sweeny Todd
  3. Got on the Interwebs
  4. I don't think I did anything productive after that. Slacker!

4 Things on My To Do List:

  1. Consolidate my work To Do Lists
  2. Consolidate my "personal" To Do Lists
  3. Consolidate my To Buy, To Read, To Write To Do Lists
  4. Do some of these things
4 Guilty Pleasures:
  1. Cupcakes
  2. Chocolate
  3. Fancy Shoes
  4. Not feeling guilty about any of the above

4 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have a Rooster who is in love with me
  2. I once thought Bailey was a really original name for a dog
  3. I currently have 17 kinds of honey, 11 kinds of oil, 9 kinds of vinegar, 10 kinds of sugar, & 11 kinds of salt in my cabinets
  4. I like to read 3+ books at the same time.

And after much harassment from my friends, I filled out my Facebook page. At first I just went and added some folks but then I linked in my Flicker and Twitter and You Tube accounts, so I'm all connected.

The best part was thinking about my "Info" page. Once I started thinking of things I liked or I felt were "me" it was hard to stop. I hope that's a good thing. I ended up with:

Smooches & Schmoopies
Bailey, Talus, Astra, Badger, Grimalkin, Napoleon, Meg, Gertie, Agni
Ghosts of Ginger, Ghosts of Curry
Sophisticated Precious
Constant Contact
Causing no harm
Limited edition
More icing than cake
Porange kittens
Falling leaves
Embellishment & excess
Bubblegum pink
Dachshund Mohawks
Photographic memories
Ile Saint-Louis
Spooky Trees
Good framing
Shoe boxes
Jellybean toes
Professional in pink
Heart-shaped lockets
Bed & Breakfasts; breakfast in bed
Flirtatious winks
Through the lens
Satin & Swarovski
Fall over Spring
Shade over sun
Evil over stupidity
Rapier wit
Rainbow sprinkles
Pick-up perfumes
Children’s books
Dreamy illustrations
User-centric design
Honest enthusiasm
Waiting for the unexpected
Feather eyelashes
Hedge mazes
Saville Row suits
Red mustang convertibles
Cherry red nail polish
Creatures of the night
Secret thoughts
Never stop learning
Tortured souls
Warm laundry
Well made beds
Vintage linens
Victorian silver
Century old farmhouses
Grey mice
Whistles made from blades of grass
Miles to go before I sleep
Pocket watches
Underwood No. 5s
Wide satin ribbons
Orange lacquer
Vintage botanicals
Cold noses, warm hearts
Early Grey hot
S/S France
Street level
First Class
“Dear Reader, I married him”
Tea & gossip
Laudrée macarons
Chocolat noir
Kitchen sorcery
Glittering Avenues
Fountain pens
Kir Royales
Black hair & blue eyes
Chicken purrs
Harper blue
Warm blankets in a cold room
Old books
Women who run with the wolves
Emerald isles
Fairy tales, myths, legends & fables
Yellow eyes in the dark

What's the 411 on you?


WendyB said...

Wow! That's some list!

Princess Poochie said...

I'd love to see your "list". The biggest bonus of joining Facebook is reading everyone's Info pages. I love to see how people define themselves. It's always so interesting and not alwasy what I expect.


Robo said...

Aw yay thanks for doing the tag survey! You've got an impressive list (I thought mine was long!). You'll see my FB stuff is pretty random, too.

heney said...

I’m a flat shoe person, maybe that’s why I like a tall heel..for me it’s either go big or go home, haha.