Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spreading the Love - TiLT

Photo by my hubby

Here's what's making my heart feel full this week:

Steam - from trees in the sun, coming from the laundry exhasut on a cold morning, from warm words, the birds singing

Bare tree branches - I love the Fall colors but I also like the stripped branches against a bright winter sky.

Finding old girly princess stuff from my office when I worked at Disney. I now have even more pink in my office.

That kitten up there

Being productive and cleaning out the basement, especially when done together

Vegan baking - I wasn't scared or doubtful but I was curious & it turned out great. Thank you Joy of Vegan Baking!

Pictures of baby logger head turtles - they make me smile

A vintage postcard with the words: Be good and you will be lonesome.

My glowing salt lamp. I have this on my desk at work and it's meant to give off positive ions but I just love it's warm porange light.

National Wildlife Foundation for reminding me how much I love wolves. They're amazing and super smart.

Field Roast sausages & Celebration roasts - Of course it's better to eat whole foods but there stuff is so great for a hearty meal. Even if you aren't vegetarian, get some!

Beethoven Sonate Op.110 - Six Variations/Les Ruines D'athenes Op.76

Find something lovely today!


LightStealer said...

I love autumn-winter for taking pictures, every sky gives me inspiration in these seasons.

Whenever the sun is out - like today - I think it MUST be warm(er) outside, dress with too light clothes and pretty much freeze once I'm out. I know it's gonna be like that, but I'm a bit silly and like to pretend sun = warm, always! :-P

I'm stuck at my parents' in Italy for burocratic stuff with my uni, so it's been 3 weeks since I've been home in Edinburgh with my boyfriend - but he's finally flying to me today, so I think it's gonna be a lovely weekend! :-)

painter girl said...

Love this post!
And the kitten is sooooo cute. Sorry he is all wrapped up for awhile. Will told me about his injury.
Pizza cook off is December the 13th. Bring your best pizza to enter into the competition! Bring it on!

Ashe Mischief said...

EEEEEE! Little Kitty Sock Sweater! Long whiskers!

I love all the My Little Ponies in your office now...