Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spreading the Love - TiLT

Photo of our first snow by hepcatmedia

Just a few of the things that are floating my boat, in this week filled with things to be thankful for:

The first snow of the year, showing up early this past week. Does this mean we'll have an especially cold winter? I don't know but the Floridian in me is still entranced by a snowfall.

I love Amy Mebberson's retro pin-up takes on Disney princess. I love this combination. She's an amazing artist. You really have to check out the whole set!

The uber-hawt 2009 Vogue Paris Le Calendrier. Gorgeous but NSFW. Let's all thank fashionologie for scanning these in for us.

My kitten in his silly penguin t-shirt. Don't yell at me! I'm not dressing up my cats. He's wearing this for medicinal purposes (so he won't mess with an allergy related spot). But he does look hilarious.

Wil Wheaton's conversations with his iTunes on Twitter. Totally worth following him just for conversations like these:
Me: When I say 'classical' I don't mean play Classical Gas. iTunes: But isn't it NICE?! Me: Oh, so I'm Brad, now? iTunes: ASSHOLE! Me: Sigh.

The hime gyaru "Princess Girl" trend. I know the look, a cross between Marie Antoinette and Paris Hilton, is crazy and excessive but I kind of love it. I especially love this video with a whole group of hime gyaru girls. These girls are committed! And I think I need one of those pink fluffy coats. Or maybe that Tiffany blue one.

Putting out seed and water for the birds and seeing the bluejays and cardinals flitter in and out in colorful streaks.

And especially our veggie/vegan, cruelty-free, amazingly delicious Thanksgiving feast. For the first time in my life I won't get completely ill afterwards. I’m not talking "oof I ate too much" ill, I mean all the butter and animal grease and sugar in this meal literally made me "hurl my guts up - Happy F**king Thanksgiving - blah" ill. I didn't eat turkey much before because it always made me sick and now I'm really not eating it. And I'm truly thankful. And feeling happier and more connected than I ever have.


WendyB said...

Ha ha! Cute kitteh.

SHOPPING Sales more said...


Sorry to bother you- I was left off of many posts for this weeks IFB Posts for Thanksgiving Thursday- would you mind adding me to yours when you do yours? Under Shop Maven - Shopping and Info - Thanks.

TheShoeGirl said...

Your cat looks so cute! Who would yell? haha

My happiest day was when our vet said we should put sweaters on our chihuahua when it's cold... He didn;t have to tell me twice!

heney said...

This is great!
Your cat looks so cute! do you say?