Monday, July 26, 2010


I probably shouldn't be so harsh.

I'm sure there's a dress or some cropped pants that these would look great with.

But for me, it's a big "Eeeeeewwwww!!!!"

I'm sorry, Prada. I'll love you anyways.

Prada Perforated Raffia Wedge - on sale for $275 (from $690)


Freya said...

Ugh, those are awful. Really. I think I may not eat lunch now.

Holly said...

I have to agree with you. At first, I didn't think they were too bad, not gorgeous, but not utterly hideous. But I have to say the very chunky raffia wedge should definitely be paired with something a bit lighter than a thick band of suede. Just kind of a strange combination.

Oh well, they can't all be winners, or I would be living in the street :)

Misty2k said...


Closet Cravings said...

Totally agree. Double Ewwww. =)