Friday, July 16, 2010

Bubblegum Plastic: Sally Hansen Nail Pens

I am not a big make-up or nail polish aficionado. I do like to have a nice pedicure but I tend to be pretty boring with my color choices: reds, pinks, whites. And my manicure is usually non-existent. I have the weakest nails in the universe. They split when you look at them.

But lately my nails have been doing pretty well and are to the point where I can actually paint them without looking like I just blobbed some polish on the ends of my fingers accidentally.

I had a coupon for CVS the other day and decided to try out a few new colors. I saw these Sally Hansen nail polish pens and thought that maybe I wouldn't knock them over and spill polish every where as I may or may not have done in the past.. just saying.

I bought two colors - black and chrome silver. Right now I have on the black. I was hoping this would be a true black but it's more like a really really dark navy with a bit of sparkle. I put on a base coat and two coats of polish topped with a clear top coat. It's been lasting pretty well even with all the typing I do.

I only swiped on the chrome silver over a previous nail color because I was eager to see how chrome it came out. I would say that this does a good job of looking metallic. Not shimmery but a good shiny silver. For a polish it does a pretty good approximation of the Minx silver manicures. This could be a great solution if you need to touch up or just don't have easy access to a Minx location, like me.

All in all, good stuff. I recommend. Lots of colors, easy to use. I think I may have to go back and grab the gold chrome too.


Ashe Mischief said...

Oh! I just won a box of these from a blog giveaway. Now I'm more excited to use them :D

Nail Accessories said...

Wow! So much adorable nail pen! First time I saw such a nail color pen. I would like to buy same as this. Thanks for this post.