Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snappy Dressing

Dear Gentlemen,

I beg of you. Please, please, please start wearing suits more often. Preferably 3 piece suits or suits with suspenders. French cuffs and cufflinks if you have them. And laced up shoes. Not slip ons.

Trust me on this. The extra effort it takes will repay you in spades!

(And if you haven't seen Inception, dammit, why not? It's smart, original and has an amazing wardrobe. Plus my boy Cillian!)

Some tidy hair would be good too.

Let's just end it with these two images

And if you add some witty banter like Bogey, you're golden.

Pleasent dreams!


Sara said...

YES! They all looked sharp as heck, and I even found myself a lil attracted to JG-L and I normally find him to be just OK! haha

Midtown Girl said...

I HAVE TO SEE this movie - thank you for the snapshots - makes we want to see it even more <3

jess said...

3 piece suits, UNF UNF

They're like my boy kryptonite and this movie was total eye candy. YUM

Anonymous said...

Another example. Mad Men. Jon Hamm. Perfection.

Lindsay said...

UGH YES, POOCHIE. If I weren't already dating a guy who had a suit fetish, this would be on the way to his inbox right now. Long live gentlemen in suits!

eade said...

Love, love, love Inception. Could be my favorite movie yet. and yess.. it's so awesome seeing men in proper suits! ;-)