Thursday, July 22, 2010

In My Head

I'm what you might call a long-range planner. While I try to be flexible, I like the planning process and can tend to get a bit obsessed too. I'll plan out everything from where I want to live five years from now to a trip next year.

And that is where my head is at right now.

We're considering a trip to Turkey next year, so I am already planning my wardrobe. I need to pack light, will be doing lots of walking, possibly over uneven terrain and it will still be winter when we are thinking of going. So I'll need to pack for variable weather, nothing too precious and it has to be comfortable.

Of course I'm starting with the shoes.

I've decided I need to find the perfect lace-up desert/city appropriate boots. I don't want to go too expensive, ideally faux leather and durable. I want them to be stylish and a bit retro - not lug soles. Sort of like a vintage paddock boot.

I've started looking at a few options...

I like the Steven "Alec" boot. Pretty simple and classic. I like the piecing on this.

The Steve Madden "Harllem" isn't bad either. A nice mid-tone brown. Although I'm not fan of Steven Madden.

The Steven "Axee" looks like the "Alec's" twin, but is a bit more brown.

I was hoping for a faux leather boot and each of those are kind of pricey for what I want to spend. These Dolce Vita boots for Target are more in line with what I'm thinking. A bit less detailed and the laces are skinnier but for $35-ish they aren't bad. At the time of writing, these were not online yet. I'm going to look for them in stores.

But as I was researching, I found these from Charlotte Russe, a store or online shop I rarely frequent. They have a nice look and piecework. Good laces and I like the dark brown. They are also the least expensive of the bunch at $20 on sale.

I have a while until my trip so I may still look around. I also need to plan the rest of what I need to pack. Miss Jennifer created a great Polyvore set that got me thinking.

I need some more inspiration! What would you pack on a trip to Turkey?


WendyB said...

Ooh, I'd like to go to Turkey too. Time to start planning next year's vacation.

Midtown Girl said...

Turkey will be a great trip I'm sure!! Loving the Stevie's - get them darling <3

Jennifer Nicole said...

Woo hoo! I just started that Polyvore (as you know) so it's awesome that it's already inspiring things, not only in me, but you too!

And I've never been called "Miss Jennifer." :P Makes me feel all fuzzy.

Jennifer Nicole said...

(And I'm totally going to be doing more posts like this as I start traveling more. Big time. We'll have to trade tips.)

Kristen said...

Turkey is awesome, I went last August/September with my husband. Make sure you pack at least a few sets of long pants and long skirts and shirts with sleeves (3/4 at least)- some of the mosques won't let you in if your legs and arms are exposed. Although traveling in the winter will probably help mitigate that a bit. Also I'd try to make your clothing choices appear less "American" (i.e. khaki capris are probably a bad idea) and more "European" because you'll be hassled less in the market places. Again, having read your blog for about a year I can't imagine that will be too difficult for you either. :) Have a great trip!

Princess Poochie said...

Wendy - Turkey is pretty high on my list, as is India and Mongolia.

Midtown Girl - I'm tempted!

Miss Jennifer - ; )
I loved your set, it was exactly what I needed. It would be perfect for a summer trip to Turkey but since I'm thinking a winter month I need to build on that inspiration. I love to travel so, yes, let's trade tips!

Kristen - Thanks for the thoughts. I will keep that in mind for sure.

SMC said...

I would never deign to give Princess Poochie fashion advice, but shoe recommendations- yes! Try these: They look like a tap shoe but are great peeking out from under jeans. And I walked, literally, miles in them this spring in Florence. I like a heel to feel good, but demand comfort and support. They are the perfect travel shoe - and make you feel like a naughty nun.

Anonymous said...

I went to turkey when i was 13/14 but it was hot and these boots would definitly be too much.
i wanted to ask you an off topic question, why dont you have kids and are you planning to have any ?

Princess Poochie said...

SMC - Thanks for the idea. They look comfy!

Anon - We're planning a winter trip. Still too hot then? Advice appreciated.

Regarding why no kids - that's kind of a personal matter but I don't mind answering. Although I do find it strange that more people don't ask "Why do you want to have kids?" It's such a big commitment, it should be carefully thought out and not just a default choice.

To put it simply I've never had the desire to have children of my own and we do not plan on having any. I don't think I'm cut out to be a parent and I'm very happy with my life as it is. I don't think I'm missing out. Of course thought and discussion went into this but that's pretty much the main reasons.

Vyque said...

I just bought some field boots from ASOS, you should check out the site, they have lots of affordable options!