Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shoe of the Day: YSL Tribute Slingback Peep-toe

I have been posting my Shoe of the Day over on the Shoe Daydreams Facebook page for a while now but I'm adding it here too.

Today's Shoe is the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute peep-toe slingback.

This shoe came out at the same time as the platform Tribute mary jane that everyone seemed to have and still continues to be evolved in sandal and other pump iterations.

I loved the contrast heel but didn't want the platform. I thought the non-platform slingback was more elegant.

Contrast heels are pretty common now but this shoe had one other unique element - the petal peep-toe. While most peep-toes are a round cut-out this shoe began with two petals forming the less-conspicuous window. The shape has been utilized by McQueen (and copied by numerous others!)

I'm wearing these with a black v-neck cardigan and a Michael Kors leopard print skirt.


InnyVinny said...

Those are beautiful. Much more elegant, IMO.

Midtown Girl said...

LOVE these - so classic & timeless! Wish I could see a pic of your leopard skirt too <3

SEBBYWOOD;; said...

These are beautiful. I completely agree with Midtown Girl that they are classic and timeless. Surely the shoe for any occasion, need it be classy :P

Nail Accessories said...

Beautiful shoe! It will look nice to every kind of wear. Thanks for such adorable post.

Jessbuurman said...

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