Monday, February 4, 2008


These shoes are as odd to me as the high heeled hiking boots a few years ago.

I just don't see one remotely attactive thing about them. The don't look fun or cool and I can't even imagine what you would wear with this that would look good?

And when you have to write a description like this...

Our sporty look is taking a walk on the chic side, and the result is one funky style.

... you know you are really lame. It's like the dorky kid who writes fake messages from the cool kids in their yearbook. Seriously, a walk on the chic side?

Sadly if you like these monstrosities, they are no longer available on ShopBop, but they have two other equally hideous styles for your shopping pleasure.


WendyB said...

Do not want!

Daniela said...

Whomever designed that needs to go to Tim Gunn's Fashion Rehab.

I don't get it. I don't get the workboot Manolo either. Still. Even 2 years after Jennifer Lopez wore it. It was more than ugly. It was... hmm... well, proper adjectives escape me. Just really ugly.