Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whim, Whimsy, Whimsical

So, in the wake of the sad announcement that Isaac Mizrahi will be leaving them at the end of the year, Target is bringing back an old favorite.

According to WWD -

The designer is said to be returning to the mass chain this year with a new, limited edition brand called Whim by Cynthia Rowley. According to sources, Whim will not be part of the Go International line, and there will be no apparel. Instead, it will focus on novelty items such as outdoor games and inflatable pools, all given Rowley's irreverent touch. The collection is expected to hit Target stores at the end of April. Rowley is no stranger to Target, where she once had the Swell collection, which was quietly phased out more than two years ago.

What the heck? What is the point of having a cute whimsical designer when all you are going to get are (admittedly) cute lamps and inflatable pools. I want cute clothes and shoes and accessories, darn it!

So, while I really happy that Ms. Rowley will be making an encore appearance, I'd rather they sign on someone to fill the Mizrahi vacuum. Who would my choice be, given I'm sure that Galliano isn't going to step up to the plate?

I nominate Kate Spade.

And I'm not talking the more formal Kate of today but the witty Kate of about 7 years ago. I have three pairs of the cutest Kate Spade mules from that time and I guard them like a dragon hoards gold. I miss that Kate. Now she's all formal and not as crazy colored preppy.

Come back, Kate and bring it to Target for us!

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