Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Today is a rare day. I actually wanted to wear a pair of pants. And then did! I'm not a huge pants-wearer. I don't even own that many pairs. This is one of the few pairs I own. They are a pair of cropped plaid pants that are somewhat business dressy. I like the look of cropped pants with boots, so to keep the neutral color scheme going I pulled my tan boots out of the bottom of the stack in the closet and paired it with my JCrew crest sweater.

These crest details that JCrew uses on their clothes and accessories are my weakness. I just adore them. How cute is this lion rampant?

Also loving the orange! I paired a JCrew equestrian patterned headband in orange to tie back to the orange in the crest.

The Focal Point
I've decided that it's all eyes on my boots today. They are a nice neutral camel color and have a great heel, shape and height. They're so versatile too. I wear them with pants, jeans and skirts. But the material (a faux leather) lets them be sturdy enough for rainy weather, which we are getting some today.

I like the pants but I'm eager to get back in to a skirt. And more color.

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