Monday, February 18, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

I would just like to send out a big smooch to Daniela, my new fairly godmother! She sent me an adorable scarf and I had to immediately build my outfit around it!

The Outfit
It's really warm so I'm wearing my black jersey dress from Old Navy. Totally comfy! I paired it with my new two-tone green scarf and a Banana Republic bracelet.

I actually loved this bracelet so much I got one for a friend as a gift. It's resin but looks like malachite. Very easy to wear and the green has a lot of depth.

The Focal Point
Of course it's my lovely new scarf. The colors are a dark and a minty green. It's crinkly and the ends are capped with pleated rosettes and fuzzy green fur.

Fuzzy pom-poms... yeah!!!!

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had the perfect shoes to wear it with. These d'Orsay heels are Nicole Miller's Murray and they are in a medium green satin with very lush darker green ribbons which tie around your ankles. There is also a darker green strip of fabric down the toe. These shoes are sooo me it's not even funny.

You have to enlarge these pictures so you can really see the colors and fabrics. They are just di-vine!

Thank you again, so much Daniela! You are such a sweetie and totally made my day!


1 comment:

Daniela said...

I LOVE the outfit! I knew you'd have the perfect shoes to pair it with... and the Nicole Millers are to DIE for. I adore them!