Monday, February 11, 2008

Professional in Pink at Work

A while back I had talked about how you need to be willing to be brave and maintain your personality and sense of fun in your work space. I thought I would show you that I really put that into practice in my own work space.

Here's my desk at work right now:

Taupe walls are a neutral backdrop for my fun stuff, all of which cheers me up during the day. My laptop and blackberry are there on the left. Then we get into the pink. Going from left to right I have Carrie & Danielle's Manifesto of Style tacked up (3, 7, 11, 15 and 19 are highlighted) with a few magic wands, a Hello Kitty, and a Waterford letter opener stacked in a pink FredFlare smiley face cup.

Next in line is the Domino calendar tacked up next to fuzzy Princess heart car dice with my ShoeDaydreams business card tucked in. Below them is the Andy Warhol Shoes book behind a vintage owl statue. Next to that is a picture of a dear friend, my doggies and a pink luck cat.
Next on the wall is a picture of my rooster Napoleon with more pet pictures, a FredFlare mushroom timer and another small vintage owl (yes, I still love the owls). Tucked in are a piece of pyrite, a photo I took at Biltmore of St. Francis, a pink luck cat phone charm and a caledar of insprational quotes. You can see actual piles of work stuff there but behind that I have a cute pink knitted cupcake on a giant pad of paper.
Of course there are family and friends photos throughout. It's all me and all mine.
The rest of my desk is filled with a mix of work stuff and fun items. I'll have to take more photos!
So as you can see, my life spills over into my work because they are both a part of who I am. They should appreciate that side of you as well. And have fun!


Daniela said...

Nice job! I remember cube life. Now I work in my home office, whose walls are a luscious shade of cabernet, on my antique mahogany desk. It gets a bit chaotic with the kids sometimes, but for the most part... I love it.

In my old office, I had a PB fabric-covered corkboard with the ribbons criss-crossed on it to tuck photos etc. We had a rash of theft of "personal items" (like wallets!) so I wasn't about to bring in anything that I truly loved, other than photos.

As a completely random "other" I did manage to pick up another moss/celery scarf, if you'd still like.

Princess Poochie said...


Your office sounds lovely!
What a shame with the theft issue. That happened at a previous office of mine as well.

And the scarf sounds wonderful. Just let me know where to send you my address.

Thank you!

Daniela said...

I sent you an email.