Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I'm a total slacker today. Just jeans, a red v-neck sweater and printed flats from Target.

The Focal Point
I don't even know if I really have one today. Maybe it was just to get out the door and get to work and get the day over with.

I made a necklace from a glass bead just like this. Michaels has all these pretty beads and some larger ones, like these, are perfect for an inexpensive necklace. One larger graphic bead in a striking color on a thin wire is an easy 5 minute project that give a great result.

These sable floral flats from Target are now on sale for $12

Red sweater from Target. These are actually much warmer than they look here.

But I was still kind of chilly. We're predicted to get freezing rain tonight. I hope my car isn't covered in ice tomorrow morning.

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