Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was never a big fan of the jelly shoes, even back in the day. I tended to prefer wearing Keds, even at the beach, rather than a pair of plastic shoes. But I will admit that I did buy a pair of, what I think, are cute flats in red from Target. My theory is that they will be good to wear to and from the car, especially when the Spring rains come.

But this I cannot excuse -

Yeah, they're Givenchy. But they're still plastic gladiator sandals. Is there anything that you can think of that would look more hideous? They make me shudder.

And yeah, I bought a pair of plastic shoes. They were $8. These are, wait for it.... $165.

At Barney's. If you're interested.



Danielle said...

For spring rain, I have two pairs of Sigerson Morrison's Rain or Shine shoes. They're a rubber pointy flat; I have one in green and one in red. I'm thinking of getting one in black, and I'm wishing they made them in turquoise. I think you can pick some up on eBay for $50 or so. LOVE them.

Pomegranate said...

the title says it all. Eew! I hated plastic jelly sandals, and now they look like this?

Tsk tsk Givenchy.