Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Mondrian Heel

Even though blatant creative theft bugs the heck out of me, it does push the designers to be more creative and to come up with unique designs and add new and diferent elements to their shoes.

And they're using these unique features in their marketing to help them stand out. I got an email today from Jimmy Choo introducing their new Mondrian Heel.

Isn't that a cool shape? I'm such a sucker for a cool heel or profile shape and this stands out for me. What is great is that they can get a lot of play out of mixing up colors in the heel and on the sole of the shoe. It's like hidden real estate. An extra canvas for the designers to embellish with more and more combinations.

I really like the look of the two-tone heel because it emphasizes the decent of the line. Sadly, I don't like the entire shoe as much. I think Idol's hot pink platform just went a step too far. If they had kept it black I probably would have been still on board with it.

But I think they did a tremendous job with the Owen heel. It's glossy and classy with a perfect shape and that great heel.

This I would buy in a minute. It's the epitome of a power shoe. And as it is a chunkier heel, it can provide the extra stability, although it does look pretty high!

I may just have to save my pennies for this one! Of couse I'm still waiting for my Valentino dream shoe to be created.

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sillysara495 said...

Oh jimmy choo, how much I love you

that pink heel is absolutely beautiful. Not so sure about the platform. I like the stripe of black.