Monday, February 4, 2008

Project Shoe Clips

So I told you I was inspired to embellish stuff and was getting all crafty over the weekend. Well here are the first fruits of my labor. Since, you know I love the shoes and anything about shoes, plus my love of ribbons and vintage, I decided to make some ribbony shoe clips.

I made eight different pairs out of materials that I had - lots of ribbon, vintage clip earrings, buttons and Swarovski crystals. All images enlarge so you can see the details better.

The pieces are:
1. Vintage silver feather earrings with fuschia bows
2. Pink ribbon with black edging and carved black buttons
3. Grass green grosgrain ribbon with green Swarovski crystal
4. Preppy variable stripe grosgrain ribbon with 4 clear Swarovski crystals
5. Butter yellow grosgrain bow
6. Preppy variable stripe grosgrain ribbon with grass green button
7. Fuschia grosgrain ribbon with vintage painted heart buttons
8. Brocade ribbon in creme, blue and brown

I'm planning on charging about $8 a pair, depending on the materials used.

I still have a few kinks to work out and am testing out how comfortable they are and how well they stay on the shoes. I think they turned out super adorable and plan on putting them in my Etsy store over the weekend.

What do you think?


anastasia said...

I'd buy.

And then I'd try and learn how to make my own.

Very very very cute.

Princess Poochie said...

No stealing!

; )

They aren't hard to make, actually. And it helps that I have like five boxes of ribbon. I'm a bit of a ribbon addict. I have to find ways to use them up.


Corey said...

Good job! I'd love to see them on some shoes now.

Princess Poochie said...

I promise to take some photos tonight and share them with you all!


Jenny said...

I really like the grass green ones!

Daniela said...

Are you selling all of the ones pictured? I'd love the silver feather ones.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Daniela,

I'm making sure they don't have any problems and are comfortable to wear. I'll let you know when I post them


FoxyRoxy said...

These are so cute

Anonymous said...

hey, your shoe clips are lovely...... I have a question thou what did you use as the clip behind + can I buy one off u pls :)