Monday, February 25, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Today I wore a royal purple cardigan with a black camisole over my black pencil skirt. The skirt, camisole and cardigan are all from Tar-get. I did switch out my necklace (finally, right?) with my vintage heart locket.

The Focal Point
I typically wear these Marc Jacobs ankle strap heels with burgundy tights to pull out the color, but today I tied it back to the skirt with black tights. These have a very cute round-toe shape but the mix of the purple leather and the burgundy patterned velvet is what sets them apart.

One thing about these shoes is that they actually feel kind of high, higher than they look. But, ya know, they are so cute they are worth it.

Zoom in on those cute little flowers! This was a good day for Marc.

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