Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Target & Converse

I was in Target the other day (even though I totally should not have been!) and I saw that the Target Converse One Star line would out in force.

If your a fan of Converse but find their typical prices too high, then these are for you. Now I'm a big fan of the Chuck Taylors. I have low tops and high tops in white, cream and red. So I liked the options in this line a lot. At first I thought about getting these candy pink ones from the kids line. They were only about $20.

Then I saw these light pink ones with the scrolly black vines on them. In the store they were not slip ons. I liked these even better but the adult ones were $35! So I ended up putting them both back (along with a whole cart-full of clothes. Seriously, I have a problem. I cannot go in there without supervision).

They have plain light pink ones for five dollars less. I didn't see these cute buttery yellow ones with the white dots or I would have been tempted by them too.

The line has shoes for men, women, boys and girls and they are also doing a bunch of apparel. You can see everything in the link above. Most of the clothes are athletic or casual, like this henley. I think it's cute but I'm kind of skeptical about that star placement.

What's up with that?

But they have a few really cute items like this dress. Not what I would expect from the Converse line, right?

What a cute drawstring neckline. I know it would look horrible on me so I hope someone out there goes and gets this because I just love it.

Not to be snarky but this looks more like a Keds dress to me.

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