Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting off on the wrong Foot

Oh, Manolo, how we love you.

As a purveyor of some of the finest footwear the world has ever seen, Manolo Blahnik reveals he is less than impressed with the recent vogue for clumpy shoe shapes and chunky heels.

"They don't even look like shoes," the designer says. "It's like talking in Chinese. I don't understand them at all. The past few years have been aesthetic hell for me. It's because designers have forgotten about the importance of the harmony of extremes."

And the modern media doesn't fare much better, in his opinion. "I'm totally confused," he admits in Style magazine. "I don't even know what taste is anymore. Frankly, I can't bear to buy magazines. I get so upset."

- Courtesy Vogue.com UK

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