Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's in your wallet?

Well, what's in mine ain't much - but what's in my online shopping carts is alot! Is there some kind of correlation???
Anyway, here's a rundown on just a few of the delish new shoes that I'm pining after. Maybe we'll win the lottery and I can "Click to Buy"....

(Marc Jacobs Satin Pump - cutesy and extra girly like a pink icing-ed cupcake)

(Manolo Blahnik Jacquard D'Orsay - the syle of this shoe is great and I love the teal in the pattern)

(Manolo Blahnik Houle 2-tone pump - sex-ay!)

(Louboutin Rougue Gathered Slingbacks - the dimensional aspect of this design is amazing)

(Valentino 2-tone Peep-toe Mary Jane - classy, sexy, different)

(Jimmy Choo Sandie - a really sexy take on a classic t-strap)

So there you go. Sadly just a sampling of shoes I wish I had. All gorgeous. Any "Sugar Daddies" please feel free to send them on to my house. Size 35 or 35.5.


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