Thursday, July 12, 2007

How do you wear those all day???

If you wear heels regularly you are bound, sometimes pretty frequently, to get some variation on this question:
How do you wear those heels all day? Aren't your feet killing you? I could never wear blah, blah-blah, blah, BLAH!
I contend that heels can be comfortable depending on the height, style, maker and where you are going, so that there is a heel for you and you can just stop denying yourself. And they are so pretty that why would you want to?

My friend wrote to ask me:
The only thing I want to know is..How to wear heels when they make your feel hurt.. Lol.. I am wearing all those sketcher biker style shoes and sandals with no heels .. I love my heels, but they all hurt to wear...

Dear Friend - I'm sooo happy to help and spread the heel-lovin' joy.

First - make sure you don't have any foot, ankle, knee problem that maybe causing any pain.That done, here is my shoe-sie advice

A simple addition that could help are the gel inserts that go under the ball of your foot. These do provide some cushioning, are inexpensive and can even help your shoe fit better (especially if you are like me and many of your shoes are a bit big).
Next - choose your height wisely. How high are the heels that are bothering you? You don't have to get 3"- 4" heels to find some pretty styles.

I know this is going to sound trite but the higher-end brands really do have engineering that makes a difference. I can walk much much more in a pair of Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahniks than in a lower height, less expensive brand because of the workmanship and, frankly, the architecture of the shoe. You put them on and the difference is amazing. Also the double-strap Miu Miu Mary Janes that were just out have an internal platform that was so cushy I couldn't believe it.

In terms of styles, I would look at a Mary Jane platform because it is classic and it will help hold you in place. An extra bonus is if you get these because Cole Haan is doing a line of shoes with Nike Air cushioning. They are so classic looking - maybe I need a pair too. Hmmm... for research, of course. Wait, where was I?

Oh, yes - I would also look at a chunkier heel rather than a a spindly stiletto. Heels with built-in platforms give you the height but your foot isn't really going as high as it looks. And find a brand that fits you well. Nine West is one of those brands for me. I have had consistent good luck with their styles. The sizing is right on for me and I can wear their heels all day.

Aerosoles are also a stand-by brand for comfy heels - I just tend to find their styling hit or miss for my tastes. And then there is the fact that you can't resole them either. Which, if you like your shoes and invest in them, you don't want them to wear out too fast.

I would stay away from wedges because I tend to find that my ankle goes out in them and you can tumble a little because the sole of the shoe doesn't bend. Right on the ground

So, I would find a good height and style and then invest in good quality. By taking care of them with proper maintenance, they will last you a long long time, you will actually want to wear them and that is where the true value will be apparent.

Cole Haan Dalya Air Mary Jane


Anonymous said...

I happen to think that a wedge is really comfotable if you do not purchase one that has a platform. My Miss Boxx Louboutins are my most comfortable shoe to date and with proper care, I have had them for over two years. I know this wonderful little cobbler shop that sells the red soles, not up to louboutin standards, but incredibly close.

Princess Poochie said...

You are right. I should revise and say platform wedges. I am a recent wedge convert and have been enjoying them.

I tend to fall in my platform espadrilles since I have a tricky ankle.

Sounds like you have a good shoe repair guy. SOOO very important!


Anonymous said...

yes. His name is Massimo and he is fantastic!!! He fixed one of my stuart weitzman's so superbly, you couldn't tell I had to get it re heeled. It had broken on my way to a funeral. I also keep turning my ankle in my platform espadrilles. I supinate a lot in heels, and the combination with a platform espadrille is futile. I bought some platform espadrilles at target with a ribbon ankle tie, but the ribbon, which was sewn on eventually fell off, and I have been wearing them as pumps, but without the support, I ended up sprawled on the floor with deviled eggs down my sundress at a picnic for my neices' birthday. It was so embarrassing.

Princess Poochie said...

That's horrible!
I totally feel your pain - I once stepped off a curb going to a business meeting with my arms full of presentation documents. My ankle gave out as I stepped down and my instinct made me "save" the papers rather than myself so I landed on my knees. I ripped the shift dress I was wearing up to the middle of my back. I had to cross the street in front of a ton of people. Then give my boss all the papers, bought a sewing kit (we were a a cruise ship terminal) went to the bathroom and sewed up my dress and then told my boss I was done for the day and went home!

Lee said...

OK ladies, let's be realistic. There are a lucky few of us who can fork out big bucks for Manolo's and the like. The rest of us, who are by no means shoe misfits, need to use some common shoe-wearing sense. Yes, I'm one of those gals who keeps an extra pair in the car, just in case my stilettos have turned my feet into painful stumps by the end of the day. And yes, the squishy silicone inserts do help... a lot!!! (But don't bother with the silicone heel "grippers", they are worthless, the old fashioned ugly ones work much better). As for wearing the grand heel, my advice is to remember your posture. You put a lot more pressure on the ball of your foot if you take large, lumbering steps. Perhaps one day I will get brave and fork over the big bucks, but for now, I go with my extra pair "back-up plan" Need I say that even the back-up pair is very stylish!!!!

Princess Poochie said...


I totally agree. I have a pair of the folding ballet flats in my purse right now.

And I think there are great moderate options out there too. I like Nine West and Aerosoles. Some of the Naturalizer stuff is getting nice too.

Finding the brand that provides the best fit for your foot is one of the most important things to do.


Anonymous said...

fitzwelll on zappos is also AMAZING! 4 inch leather heels with built in gel insoles for less than 80 dollars? I wore my pumps all day in a business meeting and felt no pain, but they did feel high. I went home and measured the height and discovered they reached 4.75 inches. with the comfort of the heels, Iwould never have noticed. They are now removing the padding on the balls of the feet for no apparant reason so I suggest picking them up fast!