Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Imitation = Flattery?

I'm kind of torn. Nine West has put out a total knockoff (they are habitual!) of the Miu Miu two-tone satin platform mary jane from the Spring ready-to-wear collection. Here are a pair from the runway - in a luscious pink and burgundy satin.

These are another of the Miu Mius in a dreamy creamy white with deep navy blue on the toe. I actually bought these from Bergdorf's. I was seriously tempted to keep them. The color was glorious with that depth only satin has. But the platform was ridiculous. And coming from me that is saying a lot. So I returned them. My only regret is that net-a-porter didn't have my size in the pump version that came in a cream-white and burgundy combo.

Well, now Nine West is making these similar *ahem* Vasca mary janes in purple/fuchsia (they also come in dark green with black but they aren't as pretty) and I'm torn. I'm not torn about buying an "inspired" shoe because I'm not trying to pass them off as the originals. What is bothering me is the quality of the fabric. It looks very one dimensional without that satin glow.

The heel and platform look more accessible. I may just have to get them and then return them if I am not happy with the quality. What do you think?


StyleSpy said...

Yeah, I also saw those Nine Wests & I'm also pondering. I loved the Miu Mius, too, but I almost never buy satin shoes because they get banged up so easily (and WHITE - OMG!!) -- the Nine Wests might be a good way to scratch the itch & not want to open a vein the first time I kick my heels together while I walk. I always find that Nine West make a very good-quality shoe for the price point, I think they're worth a look-see.

Anonymous said...

I just got those same Nine West shoes, and they are good quality. They are a little heavy, but very cute on. Give them a try.