Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dreams of Paris

I know I'm being completely trite and predictable by saying that I was inspired by the styling on SITC. But while I liked and admired many of the clothes, shoes and other accessories featured during the six seasons and would eventually own some of the same items, I don't think I really fell in love until the last episode and this outfit:

This was Carrie in Paris out for the day on her own. And having walked those same streets, I can tell you, there is no friggin' way I would be risking expensive white heels on those cobblestone streets all day. So, while I know it is completely impractical and that I wouldn't really wear this in reality, I obsessively think about this outfit. And those white Louboutin cut-out heels make me weep that they will never ever be mine. Sob!

I'm sure many fans could disagree with me, but I state that this was the pinnacle of fashion for the show. It opened the Pandora's box and I am shaped by it.


StyleSpy said...

Oh, yes, that outfit did it for me, too. So wonderful. I've risked my heels on the cobblestones and so far come away unscathed (even by dog poop!) and I'll probably do it again this fall. But I'm also taking some wedges, just to be safe!

gilda said...

i loved everything that carrie wore in paris too. in fact i totally worship patricia field. i thought this outfit was gorgeous as well. and do you realise, i *think* that the tulle green skirt she wears underneath the red dress, is the same one she wore the night she ran to the book party? i love how it peeps out from under the red dress. it is a totally contrasting color, and yet so complimentary.

Princess Poochie said...

I didn't realize that was the same skirt! I love that color green. Its like a watery black green. So she doesn't end up like a Christmas tree.